Concepts of Intelligence

Third Edition- 2017

When I wrote Concepts of Intelligence I had everyone in mind, not just those with high levels of academic background. This well-written tome cordially invites you to know, learn, and explore the grand spectrum of human intelligence. The 30 essays I wrote about human intelligence and its peculiarities included one essay each about animal intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, A.I.

Come, read Concepts of Intelligence, expand your own self-knowledge and that of your fellow humans.

Conceptos de Inteligencia

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Conceptos de Inteligencia fue escrito para todo el mundo, no importa su nivel educativo. Este pequeño libro te invita a conocer, aprender y explorar el gran espectro de la inteligencia humana. Además de los ensayos sobre la inteligencia y creatividad humanas, Conceptos de Inteligencia trata de aspectos de la inteligencia artificial y la inteligencia de los animales.

Ven, lee Conceptos de Inteligencia, expande tus conocimientos de ti mismo y los de tus compañeros seres humanos.

Motley Mumbling,
Romance Poetry and Prose 
Coming Back Soon, Second Edition, 2017​

Motley Mumbling, Romance Poetry and Prose is a most entertaining book of poetry and prose. Prose written as prose should be, and poetry created from the null to that something we all tend to see fly by, metaphorically speaking of course, and virtually, onsite, and “semi- presidential.”


Motley Mumbling Romance Poetry and Prose is a great read whether you are reading it in English or Español. Live the poetry, become the poet!

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