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Ajijic, Jalisco, México - 9165427252






International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) - Guadalajara, Jal.-November 2007 to Present



Editor, Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese), Telicom. January 2011 to Present.


Read and edit all foreign-language submissions to Telicom and their respective English translations, ensuring that vocabulary and idiomatic translations are correct and appropriate for each work and correct grammatical errors and adjust formatting to Times New Roman. Check for logical correctness and correct any non-sequiturs, conserving the intended meaning of the work.


Editor, Poetry and Prose, Telicom. March 2010 to Present.


Edit submissions to the poetry and prose sections of the journal Telicom, making necessary grammatical, spelling and formatting corrections thus ensuring uniformity of each writer’s poetic or prose style. Compilemembers’ work and create a poetry and prose section. Send to editor-in-chief for publication in Telicom.


Editor-in-Chief, Telicom. International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) November 2007 to March 2010.


Edit feature articles for punctuation and grammatical and logical correctness and proper style; work in the potpourri section editing grammar and punctuation; read and edit new members’ biographies; edit and correct members’ book announcements (writing “blurbs” for their books and an occasional review); create the” look” of each Telicom cover and interior; working closely with the publisher; write editorials, commenting briefly on each of the feature articles (usually four or five); publish my end-of-year summary as Editor in Chief. Work with the database manager, contributing to and editing the Membership Roster at the end of each year. work closely with the president and vice president of the society as well as the Telicom staff; Send Telicom rough draft to the publisher and return the corrected pdf for publishing; publish the names and relevant stories of all recent award-winning members including the Whiting Memorial Fund Award; and receive members’ questions online or by phone or fax regarding submissions and questions of a general nature about the ISPE.




I was the most popular editor of Telicom because I literally "opened-up" the journal and internationalized it, allowing languages other than English to appear in the pages of Telicom.


Skills Used


Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional.


Feature Articles Writer Mensa International Journal

Mensa International - Org, MN-May 2007 to September 2013



Feature Articles Writer Mensa World Journal, Mensa International, May 2007 to Present.


Feature Articles Writer. Write articles about different “concepts of intelligence” for the Mensa InternationalJournal (now Mensa World Journal). Sample themes include: creativity, intelligence, IQ, IQ testing,dyslexia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder intelligence and creativity, insight, extraversion versus introversion(“ambiversion”), optimism versus pessimism, genius, giftedness, artificial neural networks and Artificial Intelligence, “creative genius or psychotic”, Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, animal intelligence, plant intelligence, musical intelligence and emotional intelligence..




May 2007: Started writing a column in Mensa International Journal (now Mensa World Journal) on “concepts of intelligence” under the auspices of Mensa International and MIJ Editor, Ms. Kate Nacard of Australia. I later(2011) published my book with the title Concepts of Intelligence,m a compilation of 30 of my most popular essays on intelligence.

August 2012: Second Edition of Concepts of Intelligence published. August 12, 2012.


Skills Used


Writing and research skills. Converting images into Jpegs. Occasionally, I would use Adobe.




N/A in Computer Systems Engineering

Instituto Technologico Superior de Chapala - Chapala, Jal.2007 to 2007


N/A in MA Spanish

Sacramento State University - Sacramento, CA1991 to 2000


Diploma Computer Programming in Computer Programming

Computer Learning Center - San Francisco, CA1982 to 1983


N/A in Foreign Languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French)

San Francisco State University - San Francisco, CA1980 to 1982


N/A in Latin American History and Literature

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico - Mexico, MO1978 to 1979


BA in History

University of San Francisco - San, Himachal Pradesh1963 to 1972

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