I am a native San Franciscan, born at the close of World War II. After my retirement as a Captain in the US Army Special Forces (“Green Berets”) I continued my previous university studies and graduated with a B.A in History in 1972. I am currently retired and have been writing a regular monthly column on "intelligence" in the Mensa International and Mensa World Journals since May of 2007.


Concepts of Intelligence is my first book. It was published at Create Space in 2011. Concepts of Intelligence has been translated into Spanish under the title of Conceptos de Inteligencia, and it will soon be translated into Portuguese. Essentially, I am a poet and a polyglot with a healthy and growing interest in psychology. And currently I am a student in an online Master of Fine Arts Program at Lindenwood University. 


Motlely Mumbling, Romance Poetry and Prose was first published in 2011 and a Second Edition followed two years later. It is compilation of Romance-Language poems (poems and short stories in Spanish, French and Portuguese, three of the five most spoken Romance Languages). Motley Mumbling, Romance Poetry and Prose is probably one of the few "one hundred percent bilingual books" that is also a multilingual book. 

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