I am an American writer of fiction and poetry of all genres. I have been a Feature Articles writer for the Mensa International Journal, the Mensa World Journal since 2007 and have been published in the American Mensa Bulletin and Mensa’s ISOLATED-M Bulletin. In Mexico, where I live, I have written stories and poems in both English and Spanish for the magazines Meritrices, El Ojo del Lago, and the Lake Chapala Review. As Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Telicom of the International Society of Philosophical Enquiry, I contributed articles, fiction, prose and poetry on a regular basis. I have since retired. Concepts of Intelligence and Conceptos de Inteligencia, Ensayos sobre la inteligencia are two of my top-selling books.

My emphasis in poetry and fiction is a bit eckphrastic as well as humorous and dramatic. Motley Mumbling, Romance Poetry and Prose is a 100 percent bilingual book (English-Spanish) that has proven to be popular with both English and Spanish-speakers alike, and it is a great learning tool for those who wish to learn either Spanish or English! The poetry and prose appears first in English then in Spanish in a  back-to-back format. The “Romance” part of the title refers not to “erotic love,” rather to the romance languages contained within, Spanish, French and Portuguese. I attempted to create poetry that would define the concepts of love, justice, anger and beauty and the tranquility fury of Nature.

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